Appendix E. Documents for developers

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Translation (I18N) guide
Monitor database structure
Control list
Monitor Profiles
Profile file structure

Translation (I18N) guide

Author: Nicolas Boichat <nicolas -at->

You want to translate ddccontrol to your favorite language? Then, this guide is for you!

The distribution is splitted in two packages, ddccontrol (the main program), and ddccontrol-db (monitor database).

Tools you need: cvs, automake/autoconf, gettext, make, poedit (or another tool, or a simple text editor).

First, you need to check-out the sources from the CVS repository (see project CVS page, Anonymous CVS Access section). Note you need to perform this operation, and the following ones, on both ddccontrol and ddccontrol-db modules (there are strings to translate in the main program, and in the database).

Then run:

# ./
# ./configure (maybe you will need some devel package to make it working)
# cd po
# make update-po

If the po file for your language doesn't exist, simply copy ddccontrol.pot to LANG.po (for example, for French, it is fr.po) and update the fields in it (like AUTHOR, CHARSET, etc...)

Then open your .po file, and translate the strings! I recommend that you use a tool like poedit to edit it, as it warns visually you when strings are wrong, and offers spellcheck, but it's your choice .-)

When you are finished, it would be nice to test if it works by installing and running the software, but it is not mandatory, particularly if you don't have the needed hardware (i.e. a monitor supporting DDC/CI).

Then, I give you two possibilities for sending the completed .po files, either you send them to bacula-devel, or I give you a CVS write access (in this case, please send me your SourceForge ID). The later (CVS) is of course my prefered, as it is less work for me, but if you don't feel comfortable with CVS, and don't have time to learn, e-mail is ok too.

I suggest that you subscribe to ddccontrol-devel, particularly if you have problems to translate some technical strings. So I don't have to explain many times the same terms to all translators .-)

Also, as some of you probably have a better English level than mine, it would be really nice to report English mistakes in the original strings if you find some.

List of languages with active translators:

  • French: Nicolas Boichat
  • Russian: Sergei Epiphanov

I hope my explanations were complete, otherwise do not hesitate to contact me (cc-ing the devel list) if you have questions.