Appendix D. Thanks

Thanks to Oleg I. Vdovikin, for his work which was used as a basis for ddccontrol, and for his help when designing the XML database.

Thanks to Christian Schilling, for his nice additions to the Gnome GUI, and for the Gnome panel applet.

Thanks to William Hollingworth, of NEC/Mitsubishi, for his constant help and support to this project.

Thanks to Chernyavskyy Valentin, for testing Intel graphics chipset support.

Thanks to Johannes Deisenhofer, for providing a patch to add VIA and SiS graphics chipset support.

Thanks to all users that reported if DDCcontrol works on their hardware.

Thanks to various people on mailing-lists (, fbdevel...), for their help, in particular Jon Smirl, on the list, who guided me in the direction of using the kernel framebuffer driver. Logo