Appendix B. Supported monitors

The following monitors are supported by DDCcontrol:


  • Dell 1704FPT (DVI input)
  • Dell 2005FPW
  • Dell 2405FPW

Fujitsu Siemens

  • P17-2
  • P19-2
  • P20-2 (VGA and DVI inputs)


  • Diamond Plus 92
  • Diamond Pro 2060u (VGA input B only)
  • Diamond Pro 2070sb


  • Multisync 2080UX+ (VGA and DVI inputs)


  • SyncMaster 171P (VGA input only)
  • SyncMaster 173P (VGA and DVI inputs)
  • SyncMaster 173P Plus
  • SyncMaster 173T (VGA input only)
  • SyncMaster 174T (at least DVI input)
  • SyncMaster 193P (VGA and DVI inputs)
  • SyncMaster 193P Plus (VGA and DVI inputs)
  • SyncMaster 701T
  • SyncMaster 710T
  • SyncMaster 710TM
  • SyncMaster 712N (at least VGA input)
  • SyncMaster 730BF
  • SyncMaster 760BF
  • SyncMaster 910T
  • SyncMaster 912N (at least VGA input)
  • SyncMaster 920N (at least VGA input)
  • SyncMaster 913V
  • SyncMaster 930BF (at least VGA input)
  • SyncMaster 960BF (VGA and DVI inputs)
  • SyncMaster 970P (VGA and DVI inputs)
  • SyncMaster 997MB


  • GDM-5410 (Sony OEM)

Your monitor is not on this list?

If your monitor is not on this list, and so doesn't work with DDCcontrol, but you think that it supports the DDC/CI protocol, please run this command:

LANG= LC_ALL= ddccontrol -p -c -d

And send the output to one of the DDCcontrol mailing lists (see Appendix A, Report problems and successes). Logo