Appendix C. Supported graphics cards

Table of Contents

Radeon series
Direct PCI memory access support
/dev/i2c-* devices support
i810/i815/i830/i845/i855/i865/i915/i945 with Integrated Graphics Controller
G200/G400/G450/G550 series

/dev/i2c-* versus PCI memory

To control a monitor, DDCcontrol must access to the I2C bus of the graphics card. There are two methods to do so: the first one uses /dev/i2c-* devices provided by kernel drivers (abbreviated by dev in tables), the second one reads and writes directly in the card PCI memory (abbreviated by PCI in the tables).

Depending on your hardware, one method or the other works, or even both.


Radeon series

ATI Radeon cards only work with /dev/i2c-* devices. To use them, you must load the radeonfb module by typing, as root:

# modprobe radeonfb

The kernel configuration options needed to enable Radeon framebuffer driver and I2C support are:

  • Devices drivers->Graphics support->Framebuffer support->ATI Radeon display support.
  • Devices drivers->Graphics support->Framebuffer support->ATI Radeon display support->DDC/I2C for ATI Radeon support.

ATI cards support table

These ATI cards have been reported to work, but others models should also work. If yours is not listed, please send a message to one of the DDCcontrol mailing lists (see Appendix A, Report problems and successes).

Name Works
dev PCI
Radeon 7500 Yes No
Radeon 9200 Yes No
Radeon 9500 Yes No
Radeon 9550 SE Yes No
Radeon 9600 Pro Yes No
Radeon 9700 Yes No Logo