Direct PCI memory access support

Almost every nVidia cards work with direct PCI memory access, and this method is compatible with the nVidia proprietary drivers.

To use it, you have nothing special to do, everything is done by DDCcontrol.

/dev/i2c-* devices support


To use /dev/i2c-* devices with nVidia cards, you must have a rather recent kernel (at least version 2.6.9).

Most nVidia cards, starting with TNT, but excluding the most recent GeForce FX series, work with /dev/i2c-* devices. To use them, you must load the rivafb module by typing, as root:

# modprobe rivafb

The kernel configuration options needed to enable nVidia framebuffer and I2C support are:

  • Devices drivers->Graphics support->Framebuffer support->nVidia Riva support.
  • Devices drivers->Graphics support->Framebuffer support->nVidia Riva support->Enable DDC Support.


The rivafb kernel module is not compatible with the binary nVidia X drivers, which are the only drivers for nVidia cards to provide 3D acceleration.

This is why we recommend that you use direct PCI memory access with nVidia cards.

nVidia cards support table

Most of these nVidia cards have been reported to work, but others models should also work. If yours is not listed, please send a message to one of the DDCcontrol mailing lists (see Appendix A, Report problems and successes).

Name Works
dev PCI
GeForce Ti 200 Yes Yes
GeForce FX 5700 No Yes
nForce 2 IGP No No

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