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What is a DDCcontrol?

DDCcontrol is a program running on Linux, used to control monitor parameters, like brightness and contrast, by software, i.e. without using the OSD (On Screen Display) and the buttons in front of the monitor.

For more informations see the documentation.


14 Oct 2006: Database version 20061014 released.


  • Add support for new monitors:
    • Add support for Samsung SyncMaster 971P (Thanks to Oleg Artamonov)
    • Improve support for Samsung SyncMaster 244T (Thanks to Oleg Artamonov)
    • Add support for Philips 170B (Thanks to Jamil Djadala)
    • Add support for AOC LM928 (Thanks to Michael G. Hansen)
    • Add support for DELL 1905FP (Thanks to David R. Piegdon)
    • Add support for NEC LCD175VXM (Thanks to Raymond Tau)
    • Add support for Samsung Syncmaster 215TW DVI (Thanks to Jason Ellefson)
    • Add support for Dell 2007FP (Thanks to Oleg Artamonov)
    • Add support for Dell 1907FP (Thanks to rkoumis)
    • Add support for Samsung SyncMaster 940BF (Thanks to Daniel)
    • Add support for Samsung SyncMaster 244T (Thanks to Mega MoiX)
    • Add support for Philips 200W6 (Thanks to Norbert Kamenicky)
    • Add support for Samsung SyncMaster 204B (Thanks to Arno Lepisk and Evan Innis)
    • Add support for Compaq P1100 (Thanks to Janne Himanka)
    • Improve LG LCD entry (Thanks to Evgeny Stambulchik)
    • Add support for Samsung SyncMaster 753V (thanks to Luis Augusto Perles)
    • Add support for LG Flatron L1952HM (thanks to Evgeny Stambulchik)
  • Update Polish translation, thanks to Jakub Bogusz.

30 Jul 2006: Version 0.4.2 released.

Mostly minor fixes (see NEWS and ChangeLog for more details).

30 Jul 2006: Database version 20060730 released.


  • Add support for new monitors:
    • SGI GDM-5011P and GDM-5411 (Thanks to Florin Andrei)
    • Samsung SyncMaster 173P+ (DVI) (Thanks to KRZYzaK)
    • Samsung SyncMaster 797mb (Thanks to Evgeniy)
    • Samsung SyncMaster 720T (Thanks to Piotr)
    • Dell 2005FPW (Thanks to Christian Abegg)
    • Philips 170C6 (Thanks to Dmitry Artamonow)
    • Samsung SyncMaster 173s (Thanks to Artur Flinta)
    • Samsung SyncMaster 940B (Thanks to Jörg Evers)
    • Philips 200P6 (Thanks to podolany).
    • Samsung SyncMaster 215TW (thanks to David R Mulligan).
    • Sony SDM-S205K, and generic profile for Sony LCD monitors (thanks to lardhan)
    • Samsung Syncmaster 760BF VGA (thanks to John Kent).

10 Mar 2006: Version 0.4.1 released.


  • Fix compilation error in Fedora Core 4 (may affect other distributions).

8 Mar 2006: Version 0.4 released.


  • New database version (3), supporting generic profiles for monitors.
  • Add support for VIA and SiS chipsets (Thanks to Johannes Deisenhofer)
  • Fix memory leaks using valgrind.
  • Fix various compilation errors.

8 Mar 2006: Database version 20060308 released.


  • New database format, using generic profiles.
  • Add support for new monitors:
    • Samsung Syncmaster 970P (Thanks to Martin Kalkman)
    • Dell 2005FPW (Thanks to Miguel)
    • Samsung 770P (Thanks to Mateusz Drach)
    • Samsung 970P analog
    • Samsung 701T
    • Samsung 760BF
    • Samsung 910T
    • Samsung 960BF
    • Samsung SyncMaster 913V (Thanks to Hubai Tamas)
    • Samsung SyncMaster 730BF (Thanks to Gergely Nagy)
    • SUN GDM-5410 (Thanks to "bman")
    • Samsung 740T (Thanks to Guryanov Dmitry)
    • Dell 2405FPW (Thanks to Alexander McLeay)
    • Samsung 920N
  • Complete support for these monitors:
    • Samsung 171P (Thanks to Radoslaw Marcinkowski)

11 Nov 2005: Version 0.3 released.


  • Use GTK/GDK high-level API to determine current screen (instead of Xinerama API).
  • Add Chinese translation (Thanks to "waq_cn").
  • Add Gnome icon, thanks to 'lekma' on ddccontrol-users.
  • Add a new Gnome Panel Applet to switch between monitor profiles (Thanks to Christian Schilling).
  • Speed up gddccontrol loading by caching monitor list.
  • Add new fullscreen patterns.

11 Nov 2005: Database version 20051114 released.


  • Add support for new monitors:
    • Dell 1704FPT (Digital).
    • Samsung SyncMaster 171P.
    • Samsung SyncMaster 174T.
    • Samsung SyncMaster 193P Plus (Thanks to Emil Florea).
    • Samsung SyncMaster 710T.
    • Samsung SyncMaster 710TM (Thanks to Fabien Salvi).
    • Samsung SyncMaster 930BF (Thanks to Michael Vogt).
    • Samsung SyncMaster 997MB.
    • Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 92.
    • Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070sb.
  • Add Chinese translation (Thanks to "waq_cn").

13 Aug 2005: Version 0.2 released.


  • Major changes in gddccontrol:
    • Add restore button for each control.
    • Add refresh button, and refresh all controls when needed.
    • Add support for profiles to save some controls values and restore them later.
    • Add a fullscreen pattern to adjust brightness and contrast.
  • New database version, please upgrade ddccontrol-db.

13 Aug 2005: Database version 20050813 released.


  • Add support for Samsung SyncMaster 912N and 712N.
  • Add basic fullscreen patterns support.
  • New db version (add refresh parameter).

15 Jul 2005: Version 0.1.3 released.


  • Add support for i810/i815/i830/i845/i855/i865/i915/i945 chipsets, thanks to Chernyavskyy Valentin.
  • Add Russian translation, thanks to Sergei Epiphanov.

15 Jul 2005: Database version 20050715 released.


  • Add Samsung SyncMaster 173P Plus support.
  • Add support for the Fujitsu Siemens P17-2, P19-2 and P20-2 (thanks to Olaf Tauber, and thanks to Johann Leonhardmair of Fujitsu Siemens)
  • Add Russian translation, thanks to Sergei Epiphanov.

8 Jun 2005: Version 0.1.2 released.


  • Fix a compilation error in Fedora Core 3 (may affect other distributions as well).

7 Jun 2005: Version 0.1.1 released.


  • Add support for newest nVidia cards (e.g. GeForce 6200 TC).
  • Build ddcpci statically for security reasons.
  • Add status messages when gddccontrol loads.
  • Display less error messages when devices are not usable.
  • Fix compile error with latest kernel headers.
  • Other minor fixes.

29 Mar 2005: Version 0.1 released!


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